2019 Fiction

Selections & Jury

The Fiction's Jury

Marc Caro

Marc Caro

Fiction Jury President


Fiction Jury President

Herlé Quinquis

Herlé Quinquis


Joël Houssin

Joël Houssin


Grégori Baquet
Émilie Deville

Grégori Baquet


Jacques Menichetti

Jacques Menichetti


Grégory Cuilleron
Julien Bouvier

Grégory Cuilleron


Pascal Duquenne

Pascal Duquenne

Permanent jury member

Belgian actor Pascal Duquenne was born on August 8, 1970 in Vilvorde. He has Down syndrome and is...

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Permanent jury member

Belgian actor Pascal Duquenne was born on August 8, 1970 in Vilvorde. He has Down syndrome and is famous for having played the role of a young man afflicted with that same disability in the film The Eighth Day by Jaco Van Dormael, for which he was awarded the Cannes Film Festival Award for Best Actor and the Joseph-Plateau Prize of the Flanders International Film Festival Ghent in 1996. In 2004, Albert II of Belgium named him Commander of the Order of the Crown.



Altas Expectativas by Alvaro Campos & Pedro Antônio (Brazil)

Marche ou crève by Margaux Bonhomme (France)

D’égal à égal by Evi Goldbrunner & Joachim Dollhopf (Germany)

Inside the belly of a dragon by Hugh W. Brown & Ian Wiggins (Cambodia)

Mon Ange by Harry Cleven (Belgium)

Idioten der familie by Michael Klier (Germany)


Bird on a Wire by Huixin Law (Malaysia)

Rappelle-moi by Marie-Hélène Copti (France)

À double sens by Joseph Zirah (France)

Mammas Har by Maja Arnekleiv (Norway)

Everything will be just fine by Pere Cabañas (Spain)

Still by Florence Sobieski (France / Canada)

The last embrace by Saman Hosseinpuor (Kurdistan / Iran)

Je suis by Hakim Fdaouch (France)


Ici et maintenant by Aurélien Mathieu (France)

Piston by Marvin Archaimbault, Désir Boucaud, Marc Hugues, Arnaud Kupke, Hugo Mine, Vincent Orso-Manzonetta & Kai Yang (France)

Human by Issam Taachit (Algeria)

Le premier pas by David Noblet (France)

Wings by Christoffer Andersen (Denmark)

Quand j’ai remplacé Camille by Rémy Clarke, Leïla Courtillon, Nathan Otano (France)

Be who you are (Ser o que se e) by Marcela Lordy (Brazil)

Napoléon by Jules Thenier (France)


Scraps by Atelier collectif (Belgium)

Almas by Marcos Faria Miguel (Brazil)

Ted a le hoquet by a child collective (Belgium)

Micro contact by Bastien Lambert, Malo Alliot, Lucile Hausdorff, Alizée Lannuzel & Lucy Daguerre (France)

Shock therapy by Bali Engel & Matthieu Landour (United Kingdom)

Drôle de poisson by Krishna Chandran a. Nair (Switzerland)


Burn out by Cécile Carre (France)

Les inséparables by Clovis Tacaille (France)

Answers? by Sheng-Dun Lin (Taiwan)

The father’s pajamas gone with the wind by Mohammad Sadeghi (Iran)

Je suis à l’endroit by Emilie De Monsabert & Florence Fauquet (France)

Ça va sans dire by Pierre Sabrou (France)

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