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White Card to the Atelier Distribution and AAD Makaton

Makaton is a multimodal approach to communication combining speech, French Sign Language and pictograms.

As part of a partnership, AAD Makaton is collaborating on the screening of Laurent Boileau's film J'irai décrocher la lune.

Screening in the presence of the director Laurent Boileau, Emmanuel Rossi (L'Atelier Distribution) and Virginie Beauhaire (Project Manager - Relais Makaton), Cédric Barbiero, president of the association Trisomie 21 Rhône Métropole and all his team.

L'Atelier Distribution will present a documentary Billie directed by James Erskine: the story of Billie Holiday, one of the greatest voices of all time and the first icon of anti-racism protest in the United States.

Projections in the presence of Emmanuel Rossi (L'Atelier Distribution) and Virginie Beauhaire (Chargée de Mission - Relais Makaton )

IFFD Bonus:

When Pascal Duquenne, permanent jury of the International Film Festival on Disabilities is the main actor of a music video of Stengah, the most promising heavy metal band of its generation, the result is a poetry as unlikely as it is great.

The screening of Stengah's music video, At the Behest of Origins will take place before the film J'irai décrocher la lune.

Makaton L'Atelier Distribution


J’irai décrocher la lune by Laurent Boileau (2020 - France) 1h32

Billie by James Erskine (2020 - United Kingdom) 1h38

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