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Registrations are closed for the 5th edition of the IFFD which will take place from February 4 to 9, 2022 in Lyon. We thank you for your numerous participations.


The IFFD will take place in Lyon from February 4th to 9th, 2022.

The International Film Festival on Disabilities (IFFD) is made up of selections of French and international short films and full-length films (fiction and documentaries).

This festival is organised by the association Festival International du Film sur le Handicap (Association International Film Festival on Disability) founded and directed by Katia Martin Maresco.

The goal of the International Film Festival on Disabilities is to enable film viewers, cinema professionals, cinema and culture aficionados, organisations, businesses, foundations, etc. to meet up around the theme of disability in all its forms.

Indeed, if the first image that comes to mind when talking about disability is the wheelchair, i.e. the heavy physical handicap, we would like to see cases of invisible disabilities evoked, from dyslexia or stuttering to autism or Alzheimer's...

Moreover, we do not hold on to films with a thesis: a disability can be present in a drama or comedy as one reality among others without being THE problem, the subject of the film.

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