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The disability(ies)?

We know that the term disability bothers many people, but this word is important: in reality, what bothers us is not the term, it's the disability itself. And it is not by changing the name that we change reality, except in dystopias like Orwell's "1984". Living with it is first of all accepting the term, including embarrassment.

On the other hand (small change), IFFD is now the International Film Festival on DisabiliTIES, because talking about disability is like a single label stuck on a wide variety of situations, as if the questions (and answers) were the same for a trisomic and a paraplegic, a child born without arms or a senior with Alzheimer's disease.

A simple list of disabilities shows us a variety of situations, causes, consequences, solutions, social adaptations, involving as much the states of the body and the heart as urban planning and development or the most advanced technology.

This variety of situations is the very variety of human beings....

And it is also (we want to!) the variety of films on disabilities that we offer.

Katia Martin-Maresco & Philippe Caza

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4th edition

Philippe Lefait : LM Fiction Prize

Jean-Baptiste Richardier : LM Documentaries Prize

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